"He took up right where our last accountant left off in a seamless transition."
-Daniel B.

"Russell did a fantastic job on my taxes."
-A. Hunter

"He responds promptly and explains the tax code in terms that I can understand."
-Daniel P.

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Did you know that the tax code is more than 60,000 pages long and contains more than 6 million words? Most people don't have the time to read something that big and complex. The government sure doesn't make it any easier to understand either - they pass dozens of changes to the tax laws every year! Most people will do at least one thing each year that has a significant impact on their tax return, but many won't know what it is or what the effect will be until they file.

My name is Russell Barnett, and I am an Enrolled Agent, the only designation that is granted straight from the Internal Revenue Service itself rather than a state appointed board. I am also the first and only Diamond Certified tax professional in Santa Clara County. What this means is that I am the guy you talk to when you are tired of punching numbers into a computer program each year and praying that you are doing it right. I am here to help you understand your tax obligations and to ensure that you pay no more than you have to.

The bottom line is this: taxes are not fun for anyone, but I make the process as painless and pleasant as possible.

Please take a look around my site and contact me when you are ready to discover what it is like to be guided through the piles of paperwork and numerous government forms that inundate us all at the beginning of each year. I look forward to working with you!

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