"He is honest and straightforward."
-Dean A.

"He seemed very prudent and cautious."
-Wendy M.

"I like his clarity, promptness and his honesty as far as answering questions."
-Charelle F.

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Income Tax

I can help you prepare tax returns for any year and any state for individuals, corporations, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and non-profits. You will find that my rates are extremely competitive, and my work quality is top notch. Also, unlike the walk in chain preparers you know that I am qualified to prepare your return, and I don't disappear after April 15! You can reach me year round if you have any questions.


I will review your most recent three years' returns for accuracy and completeness upon request at no charge to you. If your returns have a missed deduction or an error I can help you fix this by filing an amended return. Because the IRS charges interest and penalties on all balances that are past due, it is financially better to find and rectify any omissions or misstatements as soon as possible.

Tax Notices

Have you received a notice from the IRS or your state taxing authority that you don't understand? For most people, that is any letter from the government! Contact me as soon as possible so that I can explain it to you in plain English and help you resolve the issue in question.

Tax Planning

When it comes to taxes, a little planning during the year can help avoid a big headache or an unpleasant surprise when it comes time to file your return on the following April 15. Additionally, Congress keeps themselves busy each year by passing into law many new tax provisions that can have a dramatic effect on your yearly return. If you have had any major changes in your life and finances or just want to see where you stand we can meet and evaluate strategies to minimize your taxes and also help ensure that you have sufficient withholding and estimated payments to meet your minimum requirements.

Review of Financial Statements

At the very minimum you should have your financial records reviewed by a qualified tax professional once per quarter. This meeting will ensure that your internal bookkeeping procedures are as efficient and accurate as possible, and help you understand how your business is doing throughout the year. A clean set of books can also simplify the filing of your tax return and help keep the preparation fees down by requiring less of your preparer's time.

Please note: This service is offered for consultation and tax purposes only, and is not an audit of your records.


As a tax professional I have extensive knowledge of what records are necessary to report your business income and expenses to the taxing authorities. I have in depth knowledge of the QuickBooks and MYOB software suites, and I offer services ranging from helping you set up your software for a new company to the month to month reconciliation of your accounts. In certain cases I can even substantially take over your recordkeeping duties, freeing time for you to focus on running your business.

Full Service Payroll

Ensuring that your payroll is run correctly, your deposits are made timely, and that all required forms are filled out and filed can be a huge hassle. A single missed payment or return can result in large penalties and interest, and can be a nightmare to sort out. Hiring one of the large payroll companies is very expensive and tends to be highly impersonal, with high turnover of representatives and a lack of consistently excellent customer service.

For a very reasonable flat monthly fee that is a fraction of what most payroll services charge I will help you run your payroll as many times as necessary in a month, directly debit the taxes from your checking account and forward them to the appropriate government agencies, and electronically file all required payroll tax returns. This monthly fee also includes the option of direct deposit for any of your employees who want it and all end of year paperwork (such as W-2's) at no extra cost to you, unlike other services who charge extra for each feature on top of their already high monthly fees.

California Sales Tax Returns

I will help you prepare your monthly or quarterly sales tax returns and submit them to the California State Board of Equalization. It is critical that these returns be filed on time and correctly so as to avoid costly penalties and interest, and even revocation of your sales permit.

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