"He's got fast turnaround. He is very reachable and willing to answer questions."
-Ami E.

"He seemed very prudent and cautious."
-Wendy M.

"Timeliness, thoroughness and professional manner."
-Bruce S.

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"Russell is the most flexible and helpful tax preparer I've ever encountered. He's given me incredibly timely advice and has made himself available to me at nearly any hour. I am sincerely grateful for his continued services."
-A. Wood

"If anyone is on the fence about whether or not to engage Russell's services, I strongly suggest you do it. I was pretty uneasy about the cost at first, since I'd been doing my own taxes on TurboTax since 2000, but hiring him felt like the right thing to do this year. I'm glad I did. Russell was very communicative (answering 99% of my emails within minutes) and his handling of the details, especially deductions, was far better than mine would have been. As a result he got us a significantly larger refund than I'd estimated by doing a practice run with TurboTax online. He also got this done very quickly after I provided him with all of our information. Make sure you have done your homework if you have anything complicated like a Schedule C or a home purchase because he's going to ask you about everything. This effort pays off, though. In short, my experience probably couldn't have been any better and Russell was definitely worth the money. If you have anything more complicated than a 1040EZ or if taxes cause you any real stress you should hire him."
- M. Wilson

"If you've been on the fence about hiring Russell to do your taxes, just do it. The process was as painless as taxes can be. He was very fast. I sent him my tax documents on a Thursday night and by Saturday morning, I had a completed federal and two completed state tax returns. Also, the price was very fair considering that I moved to a different state, sold a house, bought a house and had child care expenses. Thanks Russell. I'll be back again next year."
- A. Baumann

"...anyone who's waffling about asking Russell for his help, needs to get off their butts and DO IT NOW! Seriously, he helped us on our taxes this year SO MUCH! Thank you! Thank you!!"
- H. Fendersen

"Russell is smart, prompt, and very good at what he does. I used his services for my '04 return and plan on working with him for this year, too. He answered all of my questions concisely and competently, and I really couldn't ask for a better tax man."
- S.Umbauch

"...fantastic service.I got an email with the finished forms for me to peruse and sign on the same day my paperwork arrived at his office. All my questions were answered immediately, and he actually got me money back.I wholeheartedly endorse Russell, and will work with him in the future."

"Russell is completely amazing and thorough. I sent my paperwork to him on a Tuesday, and by Friday it was all finished and taken care of. I really can't say enough about his patience and ability...I will definitely want him to do my taxes next year. AND, the price is outstanding, especially considering the level of service he provides. It's definitely worth it."
A. Morris

"I thought I was in trouble because I didn't pay enough taxes this year Russell is the man however because I have just over $2K coming back to me, I'm stupid for procrastinating this long but if you're sitting on the fence, time to hop down there little buddy."
- D.Pampell

"Russell rocks. I was being threatened by the IRS and after spending 2 hours on the phone with them, I contacted Russell and not only did he have things ironed out quickly, he also did it professionally and cheaply. A++, I will be buying again."
- J. Noller

"Russell did a fantastic job on my taxes. My return was pretty complex this year with a house sale, some 1099 work, etc and he was thorough, efficient, patient and a great communicator.Really impressed.So much so that I'll be working with him in the future on some other projects."
- A. Hunter

"[Russell] took care of me very quickly, answered all of my questions clearly and didn't once make fun of the fact that I had the wrong state taking money out of my paycheck all of last year. Also, I'm getting a very nice refund as a result."
- J.Drescher

"I've never had anyone prep my taxes for me before but he made it very easy. I'll probably use him again next year because he made everything so simple and stress free. Give him a whirl, he definitely gets my recommendation."
- M. Starbuck

"I just used[Russell]to get caught up, after not filing for 2003 or 2004, and he not only did it accurately and on the cheap, but rapidly as well. The letter I got from Mr. Barnett said that my MD taxes were e-filed as of Feb 6. My refund check arrived at my house on Feb 9. For good measure, I got PDFs of everything he prepared, by e-mail, so I don't have to photocopy what I'm signing and sending in."
- E. Spriggs

"Turbotax had me believing that I was going to owe a lot. I was pretty sad about it. Turns out I actually owe 1/5th of it! This guy is very awesome in every way. Have him do your taxes!"
- P. Cable

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